God is the source of all good things. Most people are unaware of how much good there is. James has been speaking about challenges, which are both excellent and perfect gifts. Everything we have is an undeserved gift from God. Every gift from God is a bonus after salvation and adoption.

Every circumstance, no matter how trying, is a gift intended to benefit us in this life and the next. Those who do not comprehend this risk perceiving God as a changing being. They believe that one day God would be kind to them and provide them with pleasant gifts. The next moment, they believe┬áhe is either unconscious of what Satan is doing, powerless, or just no longer good.┬áThis, however, is a deception. The heavenly lights’ Father does not alter. From the beginning of time, he has been excellent and faultless. Today he is good and flawless. He, along with everything he does and offers, will be good and perfect tomorrow.

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