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Daily Blessed Life is your one-stop place for getting fresh inspiration from heaven. It is like the Bethlehem of the internet – a house of fresh bread. By God’s grace, we are equipped to share Yeshua’s light, goodness, love, and power with all men who acknowledge their need of our risen Savior and soon-coming King! We want to be salt and light in our sphere – not only in our geographical location – but also through the world wide web. We want to see lives changed by His love. We want to see marriages and broken homes restored by His mercy and power. We want to see entire families healed, saved, and delivered. We want to see all men prepared to receive all that the redemptive sacrifice of Yeshua has freely made available to them. This is our pledge, this is our goal, so help us God!


We are on a mission to restore the blessings of heaven upon humanity – just as intended by God, and to kindle the flames of faith toward God in the hearts of men.


To be the light in our part of the world – illuminating lives, families, and our society with words from heaven.

United States

Francis Singleton

UK, London

Julia Toufis


Charlize Theron


Megan Carri

How Great Is The Strength Of Your Belief

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